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Maraya Hospitality has leveraged its 10+ years operating in the GCC under Solarco Equipments name to identify the best in class brands that should be offered on the Iranian Market.

Maraya Hospitality acquired exclusive rights to market brands that offer best value for money on the Iranian market.
Our products do not compromise quality against price !

Products we are proud to bring to Iran !


atollspeed - Switzerland

Our most selling product: The Atollspeed AT300T

Due to the perfect combination of impingement and microwave technology, Atollspeed enables you to bake, fry and cook up to 10 times faster.

Adjustable hot air jets guarantee perfect browning and crisping in an incredibly short period of time.

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An example of a modular product (Emotion line)

We are proud to have signed exclusive representation of one of the most famous Italian manufacturer of professional kitchen products.

Modular offers the absolute best in quality to price ratio for any italian product.

Modular offers four different ranges of products concepts, each of which offers a complete range of equipment to cover all aspects of kitchen operations.

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