Solarco Equipments is proud to introduce the first support HelpDesk website exclusively dedicated to the professional kitchen and laundry industry.

Solarco Equipments has invested in this new service accessible on to ensure that it maintains a leading position in the after-sales services in the region.

Solarco Equipments HelpDesk website allows clients to register online and to have access to technical ticket creation and follow-up online. The Solarco Equipments HelpDesk team is in charge of the follow up on all tickets created thereby ensuring that the client is kept appraised of the progress of their requirement via email, website and twitter. Clients will also be able to have access to the historical database of all tickets created.

As an additional support service offering the Solarco Equipments HelpDesk website will also give access to our clients to a large range of useful publications and best practices as well as access to useful discussion forums.