Kitchen Audit Services

what are maraya hospitality food hygiene audits


GHP (Good Hygiene Practices) compliance covers the minimum sanitary and hygiene practices for food processors, such as hotels, restaurants or coffee shops to ensure that food is safe and suitable for human consumption. It is a required foundation to implement other food safety management initiatives, such as GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000.

Maraya Hospitality audit services provide client with a scheduled audit service that will cover the following aspects of the operation.

  1. Food handling practices
  2. Employee hygiene practices
  3. Sanitation facilities
  4. Pest control
  5. Prevention of physical and chemical hazards
The US FDA and other regulatory bodies worldwide recommend GHP compliance to ensure that a company is committed to reducing food contamination and food-borne diseases by implementing food safety practices.

Audits use checklists with over 200 questions covering those aspects with the ability to add notes and pictures to each question as supporting documentation.

 Each audit session will be followed by a presentation of the documented findings and a strategy for implementation of improvements.

Risks and red flags will be clearly mentioned and can be tracked for improvement in the successive audits.

To ensure continuing compliance or the implementation of recommendations Maraya Hospitality recommends a schedule of monthly audits initially followed by a visit after 3 months once client has reached a suitable compliance level.

how will Clients benefit from these audits

  1. Comply with required standards for food processors
  2. Demonstrate commitment to producing and serving safe food
  3. Earn greater consumer confidence by marketing audit services to greater public*
  4. Comply with statutory requirements (if any)
  5. Prepare for GMP and/or HACCP certification
*Studies have shown a 15% increase of sales resulting from the publicizing of the use of external hygiene auditors especially in countries where this service is not compulsory