Professional Kitchen Design Services in Iran

Our Services cover the 2 scenarios that we could be asked to intervene in:


Client has a kitchen designer

In that case the client has already appointed a kitchen designer.

Maraya Hospitality Pars services will then be as a client advisor to verify those designs and ensure that they satisfy the relevant design standards considering the type of project, the location (Mall, Hotel, isolated operation or food court).

Those services will accompany the client until the opening of his outlet and include:

  1. Verification of conceptual design
  2. Verification of technical design
  3. Verification of security design
  4. Avoidance of cross-contamination
  5. Proper zoning selections
  6. Recommendation of selected equipment
  7. Recommendation of selected brands and models
  8. Financial verification of capital expenditure on the project

client does not yet have a kitchen designer

In this case the client is yet to appoint a designer.

Maraya Hospitality Pars services will therefore include:

  1. Initial zoning design of kitchen areas followed by sign-off of relevant stakeholders. Zones include storage as well as operational areas
  2. Blue-print design of the different approved zones followed by the sign-off by relevant stakeholders. Blue-prints show list of equipment and legend
  3. Development of tender documentation that would include:
    1. Autocad design as approved by client
    2. Autocad based legend showing each and every equipment on site
    3. List of equipment needed with recommended brands and capacities
  4. Verification of the MEP design as prepared by  the winning tenderer
  5. Audit of installation while it is being executed on site to ensure installation standards are respected