Lusy’s Mediterranean Grill Success Story


Van Nuys, CA


While boasting craveable food, a strong community following and a successful takeout business, Lusy’s lacked the systems, standards and procedures to remain profitable, operationally sound and afford its owners with a healthy work-life balance. Synergy was tasked with evaluating current operations to understand scalability potential, while keeping a limited budget in mind.


Three Synergy consultants spent two days nsite from pre-opening through closing to understand the operation on both a granular and holistic level. Among the issues Synergy evaluated were the brand, consumer-facing online presence, décor, menu, inventory and ordering procedures, scheduling and labor controls, management, catering, recipes, sanitation and kitchen organization. The result of the assessment, which was followed up by subsequent meetings and site visits, was a detailed report outlining both observations and recommendations for front of house, back of house and management. Synergy created an immediate action plan to translate big ideas into manageable steps, ensuring that the most time-sensitive issues could be addressed in a timely manner.